Legos, Architecture and Shipping Containers

I just recently revisited online searches I conducted with regards to shipping container modifications. The versatility and creativeness that can be derived from a simple 20 foot cubic container reminds me of the recent Wired article that asked word-class architects to go crazy with Legos.

Legos and Containers HawaiiA cargo container’s dimensions are somewhat similar (albeit on a smaller scale) but I’d bet a lot of the architectural Lego executions could be mimicked on a grander scale with a container.

What do ya think? Maybe 30 to 40 storage containers, some heavy duty cranes, and a lot of white paint and we could get a real world version of the Lego model below???
Lego Execution Containers Hawaii    I suppose  both Lego’s and shipping containers lend themselves more to the mid century modern movement or the Bauhaus movement of architecture. In fact, I think this Bauhaus design could be fabricated entirely from storage containers:

Bauhaus Containers Hawaii But there’s really no need to consider the what if’s since there are real world examples. Shipping containers have  spawned their own movement aptly named “cargotecture.” Behold some examples below:

Hawaii Cargo Architecture 1




Hawaii Cargo Architecture 2Hawaii Cargo Architecture 3